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Nadine Schütz (((Echora)))

the architect of sound

"The sonic landscape is another ‘hidden dimension’ of our urban environment. It allows us to project ourselves in a here and elsewhere, to see differently, and to sense and transcend distances. This capacity makes it a spatial dimension, which could respond to a lot of our problems and desires, reflected in our contemporary public spaces."

Nadine Schütz (((Echora))) connects landscape architecture, environmental acoustics and sound art. Exploring the role of sound in landscape perception and design through both practical artistic creations and theoretical research, she carries out projects at various scales, while maintaining the human experience as unifying directive. Be it the implementation of audio installations, the musical combination of abstract and ambient sounds, or the design of acoustic atmospheres and spatialities, her work combines technique and poetry and thus accompanies reflections on urbanity, architecture, landscape and society.

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